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Real-habilitation (Paramount San Antonio)

Our story begins as a man drives up to the Paramount facility in San Antonio unable to do much of anything. He is greeted by a friendly crew and taken to begin therapy, but he passes a sign telling of a dance on July 4th. He wants to go really bad and uses it as motivation. After some time passes he asks the doctor if he is cleared so he can go to the dance, to which she says no. With fire in his eyes he works harder then ever before and returns to find out if he is cleared by the doc. We see him sitting in a hallway looking perplexed when all of a sudden he jumps up and walks! He makes it to the party and meets his beautiful dance partner and after some dancing he walks proudly out of the building while sporting a “Paramount Champ” T-Shirt!

Paramount (

Produced/Filmed By: JT Features (

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