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It’s All So Clear Now

Today I slept in a little bit and then woke up to messages from the lovely Camille. She is really turning my feeling about life around. It’s a beautiful thing. But then I did some work and mostly just payed around all day with a nap in the middle.

Sutton threw his water mellow in the blender and made water mellow juice which was ok and after adding lemon juice I couldn’t stop drinking it. It just made me feel so alive.

Lopez and Orth opened one of the bathroom doors while Sutton was taking a shit and threw an M80 in and shut the door. It was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing.

Tonight there was a weird white van that pulling into the back of the station and sat there until I went outside and then it did a weird turn and left. It was very weird. But I alerted Lopez about it and so someone knows. Tomorrow is C shift and I work a reverse 24 in Bandera so that won’t be fun but it will be some extra cash.

The new workout bike came in today and Orth and myself put it together. Then guy showed up and tried it for us to see if it was working. It seems to be working so that’s good.

I got a hotel yesterday for the 26th and I hope I will still need it that day. Cause I am going to meet Camille there and we are not leaving the room. I am so freaking excited!

Looks like Leslie is in the hospital with her mother. Sounds like she is really upset. I don’t know what to do to be supportive. I tried to be but in the end she just pushed me away and that was that. But I need to keep check on her. Make sure she’s ok.

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